Intermittent Fasting

So, I didn’t plan this. I was on YouTube looking up health related stuff. I was looking for something. I was sick and tired of being fat guy. I noticed a video on intermittent fasting, watched and then another then another. This was something I could do. So on January 25th 2017 I decided to commit to eating during a short window and fasting the rest of the time. The lunch hour seemed best.

Fasting for 16 hours then eating only during an 8 hour window seemed reasonable. No eating the rest of the time sounded like a plan. I had a couple of meals and a root beer float. Consumed a bunch of water and tea and went back to YouTube to learn more and ran smack dab into the OMAD Revolution.

One of the subsets of intermittent fasting is One Meal A Day or OMAD. My OMAD revolution began on 1/26.I ate one meal. I felt hunger periodically over the next 23 hours. I drank a lot of tea. Mixed my water and tea with Javita sticks (more on Javita later). But the mental hurdle of the fridge is rough. I was tired in the evenings that first week. So I slept more and had to void all the fluids but the hunger was dissipated by drinking. I spent more time on You Tube learning about this thing I was committing to. I waited 3 days to weigh myself. I was down eight pounds! I’m sure it was just water weight but it felt like a success.

Today was a travel day to help Mary move out of my house and into her’s. I also get to visit Mike and Connie at Parkview. So grateful for his progress. God is good, allthetime!

No weight change this morning but a sweet small group time. I also need to mention a new friend I’ve made. Maybe next time.

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