Me, Danny, Terri, Joey, Billy, Mary (lower middle), Patrick left to right

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, to begin with. Let there be no doubt about that.

I am a husband and father too. It is one of my greatest joys to be that for my wife Terri and my children MaryEsther, Billy, Patrick, Joey and Danny.

This blog is designed to give the reader a glimpse into my pursuit of not just weight loss but real change as well. I’m going for half my body weight. Hence the title: Half the Man I used to be. Here you will find a record of what and how the transformation is taking place. Warning! There will be spiritual content. A Christian can’t fast and not look into the bible to consider what it says. At least this one can’t.

Finally, an Uber rider asked me recently why I’m doing this – The blog not the weight loss – and I remember Mary, my daughter, asking me the same question when she set this page up for me. My answer is that so many of these “I lost all this weight doing this” and they’re already thin and buff. I wanted to document the journey; the ups and downs so to speak. One of the greatest difficulties has been the everyday of it all. Like the guy getting up at three am to make the doughnuts. Another day . . . Small steps, if persisted in, turn into big milestones. I can’t weight until I drop below 300lbs! Fat humor there. As always:

Be patient with me, God’s not done with me yet.

Bill, you are inspiring and encouraging. You made yourself vulnerable and accountable by sharing specific, measurable goals to the world. Your progress sharpens us. Your ability to reevaluate and adjust your heading is an excellent reminder to us to keep striving toward the prize. Planning on enjoying the fellowship of a healthier you for a LONG time. Go Bill Go! Or maybe it’s Run Bill Run!! From Connieable.

Go, Bill go!