I’m generally a good natured guy, but my ability to sleep anywhere and during anything made this photo a characiture. Not easily offended, I wore this as a badge of honor.

Me at my worst – weight wise. People who barely knew me would express concern. My high water mark 388lbs! Last spring I dropped 20 lbs. in preparation for a church camping trip. But fell off the wagon later that summer and regained 10 lbs.

Small steps, if persisted in, can turn into big milestones.

So I restarted my transformation at 378 lbs on January 25, 2017. As of today I’m down 62 lbs. in 90 days! Photo April 28th 2017.

Just because I can
Me, a painting by Carl Eklund and a Cubs Hat on a lamp

By My I was healthy enough to begin jogging; I’ve written about that. I set a goal to complete a 5K by the end if summer. I registered for a race held in October but that didn’t come quickly enough so I joined the virtual running club and completed my first 5K during last year’s solar eclipse.


In August I also completed a challange called a Lazy Man Ironman (running 26.2, cycling 112 and swimming 2.4 miles) over the course of a month (instead of a day). In October I did the Cornmaze 5K and in November a turkey trot. Though all of this activity, the loving support from my family and friends has been a source of encouragement, motivation and persistance. Thank you all for caring enough to read and comment.