Half the Man I used to be

This has been coming for a long time.

I think the final straw was losing my third friend in 6 weeks to Mister Grimm. Last year I decided to loose some  weight in preparation for a church camping trip. I dropped twenty pounds in a couple of months; then fell off the wagon after the trip for a number of excuses. As normally happens, I gained back ten pounds in six months when things returned to normal.

Then in December / January a plane crash, cancer, and then a massive heart attack claimed three men I knew and respected; gone to meet their Maker, and in their midst, my brother (in Law) is hospitalized with an illness, that by all accounts should have killed him. It all had a profound affect on me. Thirty days ago I made some changes. In the coming days I’ll share those changes.

Why begin a blog? And why Half the Man? Because my journaling this has, at times been therapeutic and frankly a spiritual experience. I’ve  also learned some things that I feel like sharing. More than that, I have been greatly encouraged by those who know what I’m doing and I expect some blow back by those who are horrified by it. Anyway, I’m thirty pounds down in thirty days! Seriously! And the title is the Goal. Beginning at nearly three hundred and eighty pounds (378lbs), losing half my body weight (189lbs) puts me very near my Ideal body weight. This morning my weight was 347.7!

So, in the coming days I’m going to not only catch you up on the previous month, but also chronicle my progress to Half my body weight. Enjoy.

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