An Odd set of blessings

Jesus said to his disciples in Luke 6:

Blessed are the poor…, you who hunger…, you who mourn… and you who are reviled. For you’ll receive …. Woe to the rich…, the well fed…, the amused… and the popular for you have received…. (elipsis & paraphrase mine) Luke 6:20f

These verses challenge me, confound me and encourage me all at the same time. I’ll explain . . .

Not every poor person gets the kingdom of God nor are all the hungry going to be satisfied. The wealthy are not all up for purgatory or hell in the after life. So what does this all mean? God uses these circumstances to make us different people. Americans are not only some of the wealthiest people in the world but even history. God I believe is using my own poverty and now hunger and mourning to change me.

He is shaping my future in ways I can’t imagine because one day I woke up and said enough to food. I still enjoy the comforts of a fine meal, in fact, food tastes better now than ever! These Be-circumstances are a goading into self-reflection. Take a look. You may be interested in what God would show you.

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