I’m not gonna pout about the gout

I ate and drank my way into this. I'll have to eat and drink my way out. Reminds me of the line from the Jimmy Hendricks song: "there must be some kinda way outta here, said the Joker to the Thief". Gout is a pain in the toe, for me, the stabilizing knuckle of my… Continue reading I’m not gonna pout about the gout

Longer strides (1 year anniversary post)

Yes, that's right sports fans. This is my first anniversary of the Halftheman revolution. It was January 25th of 2017 that I had enough. I call it my line in the sand moment. I started a journal titled Halftheman, documented where I was (378lbs) where I wanted to go (189lbs) and when I wanted to… Continue reading Longer strides (1 year anniversary post)


I have been for years joking about being fatguy. That stops now. Why? Perspective.  The body stores the unused food we take in as fat reserves around our middle. When we eat food that we don't consume through activities it gets stored up for winter. If we stay well fed the body keeps storing if… Continue reading Fuelman