I’m starving!

This is an all too common exclamation. Nobody really thinks the person using it is actually wasting away.* Their body is sending their brain a signal that it hasn't consumed food in a few hours and they better get on it. Often this happens when we skip breakfast. I ran accross this verse recently in… Continue reading I’m starving!

A walk in my shoes

On this first day of spring, I got out to walk Lake Arlington. Though it was a grey day, it was mild enough to get my heart rate up. Before I took the trip around the lake, I stopped to snug up the laces on my gymmies. Sounds simple right? Well one of the challenges… Continue reading A walk in my shoes


One of my favorite characters is Jesse Stone played by Tom Selleck. CBS and Hallmark have popularized his movies based on (at the beginning) the Robert B Parker novels. Jesse is the troubled police chief of Paradise Massachusetts. He is frequently asked about his former career as a baseball player. When he is asked if… Continue reading Everyday