Intermittent Jogging 

I am Walking / Jogging Arlington Park again today to train for the ALM Palooza. Camp Harvest in Newaygo MI is hosting our second annual Act Like Men conference. By train, I mean not die due to all the walking and hill climbing. So, high hoooo, high hooooo, it’s off to jo-alk I go.

Here’s the numbers for the walk today and last Tuesday:

Today, Monday 7/15/17 my pace for the first mile was undar 20 minutes at 19:50!
Last Tuesday 5/9/17

It’s amazing to me that in less than a week I can see improvement in my time for the two miles. I’m not sure about the steps; I’m pretty sure I didn’t shave nearly 3000 steps in a week. But if the times and calories are moderately accurate I’m happy. Still more work to do. I’m not ready yet. I’d like to be below 300 lbs. That would be fantastic! Like pizza with cheese in the crust!

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