Going the extra Mile.

I did it.

I can’t believe I did it.

I was there, I still don’t know how it was possible. In my last blog post I demonstrated that I could go two miles. When I started walking in February I had a hard time doing a mile. But with the encouragement and support of a group of good men I got to work. Today I did 3.2 miles. My friends who run know what that means. Now for a brief diversion into spiritual content.

Jesus told the disciples in Matthew 5:41 And if anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.

I’ve never heard the passage preached but my short time as a runner has taught me some things. Chief among them is its better to walk a long route than do laps around the block or worse run on a tread mill. Not only is there better scenery but if you go out the only way to get back is to keep going. When Jesus said to His followers to go the extra mile if pressed into service He wasn’t just committing them to one more mile. He was committing them to 4 miles. The one they were pressed into, the extra one they went for the Lord and the two more it was gonna take to walk back. My suspicion is that He wanted us to get over the forced labor by the time the first mile was up enough that be able to volunteer for the second mile. And then to pray for the master who pressed you into service on the way home. Here is today’s walk:

My first 5K! This is a big day. Another of those silly little goals you set for yourself when you have to get well.

According to Google 3.107 miles is 5 kilometers or in runners parlance a 5K. I capitalized the K because a small k didn’t feel right. Anyway, last week I did three sets of 2 miles and yesterday  I did another. I told myself it was time to stretch it out a bit. But the course I’m walking is less than two miles. Remember, doing laps is bad. Too easy to abandon. So I stretched my mile to a mile and a half then turned around and want back the way I came. That’s why the above route looks so funny.

One of the undeniable realities of change is that it doesn’t happen without discipline and self control. When Jesus set up the scinerio He spoke of being forced to go one mile. I believe it was a law of Rome that an official, say a Centurion, could legally force a citizen into service for a mile. But no more.

When I set out to run the only one pushing me to do it is me. And the unshakable desire not to be an old fat man or worse, widow my wife at a young age or orphan my kids. I know what it was like trying to become a man without a father. And I saw up close what my mom went through as a widow the the end of her life. I want to be there for my family.

Anyway, today was an important milestone. So to speak. I still have a long way to go. But it’s getting shorter. Today it wasn’t my wind that compelled me back to a walk, it was the body. I still have far too much heft to run long distances. But the idiot compelling me into service is Me. Going the extra mile for Jesus. 

Today’s numbers

I like and appreciate the ability to keep track of all of this. It helps.

3 thoughts on “Going the extra Mile.”

  1. I am proud of the changes you are making and thank you for your desire not to leave me, I would be lost without you.


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