D for Deficient

I met Philly (an expressions dad) out at Lake Arlington today. He’s training for a marathon, I’m getting off the couch

Today I got my Vitamin D from the sun. I have, in my lifetime, not been fond of the big yellow ball. It makes me turn red. I went to the Doctor yesterday for the first time in two years (Terri was there in February and I weaseled a consult and a blood test). She wasn’t able to see me until May – good gig if you can get it. Anyway she was pleased with my weight loss progress and my approach; she encouraged me to continue. Only my vitamin D is a concern she said and my blood pressure could be a little lower – she didn’t chastise me for not taking the pill. Apparently pleased with where it is without it. She also encouraged me to take a supplement in the form of a pill; D3. I said I would. But that started me on an investigation. What is this elusive chemical and why is everyone so deficient?
Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin it’s a hormone produced through a conversion of chemicals created by the liver and run through the kidneys. Here’s a simple diagram:

Notice the two sources sunlight on skin and nutrients into the liver.

First this essential nutrient helps with the absorption of calcium. Rickets – a softening and resulting bowing of the bones is caused by a Vitamin D deficiency. That’s why we now have Vitamin D milk. Oddly enough, according to my source, we still aren’t getting enough calcium because of our chronic D deficiency. So now the quest begins to find the foods that increase both Vitamin D production and calcium absorption. Here are a few pictures of each:

For calcium, leafy greens, dairy, sardines and mushrooms. 
My favorites in this picture are the butter and fatty fish – esp salmon and sardines.

As for why the deficiency, my suspicion is our poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. As a part of the Halftheman Project is a determined attempt at dietary revolution and diciplined exertion. Today it was intermittent jogging and a walk around Walmart. Yesterday it was simple calesthenics: pushups, crunches and leg lifts. But the truth is, getting out in the sun will be the best remedy for my D deficiency. 

Much of the information shared in this post is from the link below. His vlog has links to other experts.


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