Fat, free

FAT! I’ve been using fat to lose the excess fat I’ve been carrying for years. It’s completely counterintuitive! Using fat to free my body of the excess weight! It’s still hard for me to believe that it’s working. But I’m down 60 lbs in ninety days! Let that sink in a moment

During the Ninty days of my weight loss project: Halftheman I used to be I have been learning a lot about energy. Specifically how the body gets the energy to keep moving. You all who know me (and if you examine the pictures) and those who don’t know I carry the bulk of my weight around my middle. The question is why? Insulin Resistance is the reason. I’ve been a sugar junkie for almost five decades.

I’ve heard it said that “Carbohydrates” is a five dollar word that means anything the body turns into sugar once it is consumed. The body has to produce insulin to process the sugar for energy and the body’s defense mechanism (against starvation) is to store unused sugar as fat reserves. Well, I’ve been storing plenty of energy around my midsection for, as I said, the better part of thirty years! No more! It’s time for a different plan that involves using my fat reserves for energy and getting my body used to doing it. How you ask? By limiting my carbs to healthy complex low sugar produce and getting the bulk of the calories from fat and some protein. My favorite healthy fat? Meet guacamole:

This stuff is awesome! It’s (the avocado) high in nutrients (vitamins K, C, B5&6, E and rich in potassium – more than bananas and folate among others) and heart healthy fats – 77% of the calories are from fat about 160 per, 15 grams of healthy fats and 9 grams of carbs (7 are fiber so it’s a net 2 grams of carbs) 2 grams of protein. These and many other interesting facts about the 12 proven health benefits of Avocado can be found http://authoritynutrition.com

Anyway, that may be more information than you want in a blog. I have grown fond of guacamole. It is now a big part of my weight loss project Halftheman.blog 

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