April fools!

Friends, family and followers (wait, I don’t have any followers) anyway, I have decided to abandon my diet. It’s stopped working and I’m plateaued at minus 50 pounds. I’ve had enough of all of the deprivation. Forget the freedom I’ve gained by losing 3 full Bowling balls of weight. I’ll happily get back to packing on the pounds because I just can’t give up BK or Micky D’s or running for the Border. You guessed it April fools!

Fact is I’m just getting started. I know I wasn’t really ever 400 lbs (at least I think I was never that heavy), but at 388 last year and 378 this year at the restart we figured a nice round number was to lose 200 lbs. Well, I’m one quarter of the way there. I’m down 50! I have to remind myself how Huge that is. A little plateau is nothing. The last few pounds have not been easy to lose. In fact before the plateau at 50, the previous was at 49.

A recent blog, A series of little changes, I outlined a number of changes I’ve made. Today I’m deciding on another change that is going to be huge. I’m going to stop obsessing over every little pound. I know I’m losing. I’ve set in my mind artificial deadlines and timetables to be here and weigh this or that. We’ll that’s over. I’m going to stop Fooling myself into thinking that I’m going to be done by summer or the fall. Realistically, this is going to take time. I can’t keep obsessing over trying to drop 20 lbs a month (one of my goals) or trying to be at 250 by July. Losing the first thirty was pretty easy, but the last twenty has been rough! I’m to stop the madness.

I’m in a good place right now. God has been so good to me. I’m so grateful for the many gifts I’ve been given: a wife who loves me and supportive children. An amazing small group of men who encourage me to press on. And tonight, I’m grateful for a week of work that is so welcome. But now, it’s time to beat my wife.

At Splendor. April Fool.

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