I just completed an activity with Runkeeper https://runkeeper.com/cardio/ba780d05-6327-476d-9977-af6ae808bfdd

I have been for years joking about being fatguy. That stops now. Why? Perspective. 

The body stores the unused food we take in as fat reserves around our middle. When we eat food that we don’t consume through activities it gets stored up for winter. If we stay well fed the body keeps storing if we don’t burn it off through exercise. And our daily activities are probably not going to be enough to do it as the body gets used to regular activities. So you must run a calorie deficit. In order to loose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. This is like the joke: How you can come to have a small fortune? Begin with a large one! Anyway . . .

So here’s my perspective shift: I’m not fatguy I’m fuelman! That flabby stuff around my middle is going to fuel my weight loss. As long as the man in the mirror doesn’t subvert my activities with my appetite. 

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