A walk in my shoes

On this first day of spring, I got out to walk Lake Arlington. Though it was a grey day, it was mild enough to get my heart rate up. Before I took the trip around the lake, I stopped to snug up the laces on my gymmies. Sounds simple right? Well one of the challenges for fatguy is tying shoes. I’ve been wearing slip on shoes for more than a decade.
I just lifted my foot on a low wall, bent over and tied them. When I got these a couple of months ago I couldn’t do it. The sales guy tied them for me. Embarrassing! Anyway, it’s another of the welcome changes developing from the continued weight loss. To date I’ve lost 45 lbs in 55 days. My current weight is 333 lbs, when I started on January 25th I was 378 lbs.

Finally, here are some of the sights of an early spring:

I saw a number of robins.

Early foliage peaking through.

A hawk on rodent watch.

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