Energy and focus

When I look back on the daily journal entries in my first month of OMAD the recurring theme is how much energy I have and the mental focus the change has brought. Here’s the reason I think that is. . . Actually, I got nothing. I have no idea why this is working. Other than I’ve largely changed the fuel or the amount of fuel I’m putting into my body. Let me illustrate.

Let’s pretend the body is a truck. You wake up, start the truck and go to the gas station. After a few hours your gage says you need to revisit the gas station and then a few hours later it says you need to hit the gas station. Every time you refill the unused gas gets stored in a reserve tank your towing around. When I started this thing at 378, I was carrying around an extra ten to twelve adult size (16lbs) bowling balls. Think about a bag of bowling balls you have to lift every time you get out of a chair or get out of bed. My feet and knees and hip hurts much of the time. Not chronic pain, just aches. Anyway, I’m now down more than two bowling balls. Energy ensues. The sugar high and inevitable crash also isn’t happening. Focus and energy.

By the way, I have a lot more stored fuel in that extra tank that needs burning. The journeys only begun.

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